This is the page for the fascinating TANGRAM tile based game

Here are hundreds of nice and interesting pictures who will help you to relaxe during your leisure. But just looking is not enough - you have to create by yourself hopefully additional figures. Beside the so called "magic egg" you will find here the original traditional "chinese tangram" and the "broken heart".

 With all tangram variations you will find an endless numbers of interesting figures. Some of them are here for your pleasure.

Magic Egg Traditional Tangram Broken Heart

On this webpages you will find something about the individual geometry, hundreds of detailed figures, but also the solutions for the different tangram tasks. As usual please find also some links to other tangram related webpages with more information.

Have fun during browsing and especially if you find an additional until now not known tangram figure.

I am happy to place new tangram figures with your name on this webpage.
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Also other hints and proposals for improvement are welcome.

One  click on the content list will guide you through the webpage.

Have fun !

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